Those who want to advertise on my site may contact me by mailing your proposal to me.  My mailing address is below.   I don't answer emails because most of them have proven to be a scam.  

      If you are interested in purchasing this site or domain, please don't waste your time or mine contacting me unless you are proposing putting me into a very early and very comfortable retirement.  My dream is to retire in Australia, so be prepared to shell out some serious money if you want to own  I also have,,,,,,, and registered and the same financial arrangements apply to them. I've even registered to keep someone from using 'mishmash' for porn.  You are talking some serious money.   I'll likely not answer you unless you quote some very big numbers in your initial contact.  Otherwise (if I answer you at all), I will likely just send you a link to this page.  

    Some years back, I was contacted by a lady from New York.  She would not take 'No' for an answer.  She kept emailing me and calling me but she never offered me more than a couple of thousand dollars for it anyway.  Despite the fact I told her to stop contacting me, she would not.  I had to threaten have my lawyer contact her before she finally ceased and desisted.  So, you know what you are up against.  

    The truth is, I really don't want to part with the name, anyway.  It's been my identity on the Internet since I was in graduate school in 1995 and I intend for it to continue to be.  

    I might be willing to let someone lease a subdomain off of it.  But they'd have to be willing to rely on my DNS service and not hold me responsible if it goes down.  I'd also have to approve of the goods, services, or other material on the Web site.  I wouldn't let anyone post something offensive or something that my own personal standards do not approve of (so tobacco companies, fast food restaurants, and the like don't contact me at all).  

      If you need to contact me for anything else, please email me with your message.  I'd prefer that I not receive telephone calls as an initial contact.  However, my details are:

Fred Atkinson
P. O. Box 4174
Mesa, AZ 85211-4174
Phone: (602) 464-4406


This page was last revised on: February 28, 2016