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      I have added some new sites.  Check them out.  If you have your own Home Page or know any cool new sites (Especially ones from 'Down Under'), leave email to me at  Check the 'Search Engines' section at the end.  

  1. Aline's Star Trek Wallpaper Collection (A great collection of Star Trek Wallpaper for your PC).  
  2. America, Why I Love Her, by John Wayne (from his book).
  3. American Radio Relay League (The National Ham Radio Organization).  
  4. Croce's Restaurant (I had dinner in this restaurant while I was in San Diego.  It is owned by the late Jim Croce's wife).  
  5. Fireball XL5 (Do you remember this?).  
  6. The Green Bank Telescope (This is the world's largest steerable telescope.  Awesome.  I've been there and seen it).  
  7. Help for World Travelers (Wonder about telephone/electrical requirements when you travel to other parts of the world)?  
  8. Helwig's smiley dictionary  (Add some inflection to your posting). :-)
  9. High Flight (A poem dedicated to the spirit of flight by John Gillespie Magee).
  10. Visting the Hockey Hall of Fame (when I went to Toronto a few years back).  
  11. International Pen Friends (Pen Friends Worldwide (Official Page)).
  12. International Pen Friends (European Web site).  
  13. Internet Online News Services (A compiled list of news services available on the Internet).
  14. Jackson the Jackass (This is about a very funny calendar and a jackass named 'Jackson').  
  15. The List (Unhappy with your Internet Provider?  Check this).  
  16. The MISHMASH List (I am the listowner of 'Mishmash').
  17. Officers That Gave It All (This site is dedicated to police officers that gave their lives in the performance of duty.  Ben Strickland was the finest officer I have ever known).
  18. Riding with Private Andrew Malone.  
  19. Scanner Frequencies Unlimited (This site has a nation wide list of scanner frequenices (Police, Fire, EMS, and otherwise) to be monitored).
  20. Smith Island (This is a really cool island culture that I visited some years ago).
  21. Sound America (A cool site with the theme songs to a lot of old movies and television shows).  
  22. South Central Tae Kwon Do Association
  23. Southbrook Farms (I visited this winery/country store during my visit to Toronto a few years ago).  
  24. Supercar (Do you remember this old television show?).
  25. Tangier Island, VA A Virginia Island Community in the middle ofthe Chesapeake Bay.  
  26. Telecom Digest Web Page (A Telecommunications Publication).  
  27. Telephonic Art by Carlos Podestá (A very interesting set of unusual telephones).  
  28. The TV / Movie, & Radio Themes Page (This site has got all kinds of wav files for old TV shows, radio, and movies).  
  29. Virginia Tae Kwon Do Association
  30. Gallaudet Font

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Cool Sites/Home Pages

              These are Web sites of people that I know or am related to.  

Australian Cyberspace

          I will be updating this site with additional  links to Australia.  If you know any good Australian sites, please email me with the Web addresses.  Check back as I update it.  Also, I am looking for an Australian graphic to dress up this part of my page with.  If you have something or know of something, email me.  

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Me and an Unusual Animal

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